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4 Tips for Maximum Recovery

4 Tips for Maximum Recovery As an athlete or gym warrior, it’s easy to get caught up in the barbells, sleds, and plyo boxes. While what you do in the gym is unbelievably important, taking care of your body when you’re not at the gym is equally as important. I have put together a list […]

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How to Grocery Shop with Better Health in Mind

How to Grocery Shop with Better Health in Mind Are you kicking off 2018 with healthy goals? Meal prep and a balanced diet are both influenced by what you get at the grocery store. By going into the store with a healthy mindset and a strategic plan, you will set yourself up for success to […]

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5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips Holiday Food Eating Facts It is easy for holiday eating to turn into holiday OVER-eating. We gain 1-2 pounds during this time and don’t lose it come January. Research also shows those who are already overweight gain an average of 5 holiday pounds that don’t come back off and add […]

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How Gut Bacteria Effects Body Function and Performance

How Gut Bacteria Affects Body Function and Performance Gut health has gained traction in the health and fitness community as more people are aware of dysfunction in their gut health. Food sensitivity awareness has skyrocketed with over 15 million Americans dealing with food allergies. Your gut is the powerhouse of your immune system. It greatly affects […]

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