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Periodization: The Key to an Effective Workout Program

Periodization: The Key to an Effective Workout Program Have you ever experienced stagnation or boredom with your workout routine? Have you hit a plateau where no matter what you do, you just feel like you’re not making progress? Have you experienced long term exhaustion physically, mentally, or even sickness? These are all symptoms of a […]

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HIIT The Lake Workout!

  HIIT The Lake with us: FREE workout at Bde Maka Ska Lake, formerly known as “Lake Calhoun“. This won’t be your typical run with friends.  We will run around the lake, but along the way there will be stops for HIIT circuits.  All fitness levels are welcome, go at your own pace. Bring a […]

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Spirit of Fitness

  Join us to kick off the first event of our Summer Pop-Up Series! Spirit of Fitness will be a heart pumping, and fun bootcamp style workout. Get rejuvenated with an all natural St. Paul Switchel cocktail or cool down with a refreshing screwdriver post workout. Come for the workout, stay for the fun. Bring […]

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10 Minute Bodyweight Core Circuit

10 Minute Bodyweight Core Circuit A strong core enhances balance, stability, and energy transfer. Thus, it can help prevent injuries during day-to-day activities and sports injuries. Core strength directly correlates to exercise and sport activities like walking, jogging, sprinting, throwing, squatting, jumping, and swinging motions. The stronger your core is, the more efficient you will […]

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Advance Your Core Training with The Sling System

Advance Your Core Training with The Sling System The core is the foundation of your body. It links everything together and provides stability for athletic skills. So simply doing a few Sit-Ups or even Planks won’t cut it when developing an athletic core. The key is developing what is called the sling system. The sling is a […]

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15 Minute High Intensity Lunch Break Circuit

15 Minute High Intensity Lunch Break Circuit Do you ever feel overwhelmed with too much on your plate? Bombarded with day-to-day tasks at work and at home? We can never seem to fit in everything that needs to get done within 24 hours. For a lot of us, time is enemy number one of our fitness goals. […]

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Unilateral vs Bilateral Lower Body Training

Unilateral vs. Bilateral Lower Body Training The unilateral versus bilateral training debate is just about as controversial as what comes first, the chicken or the egg? If you were to ask personal trainers, fitness coaches, or performance specialists which is better, you would get mixed responses. To make things easier for you I am going […]

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5 Reasons Why People Struggle to Reach Their Fitness Goals

5 Reasons Why People Struggle to Reach Their Fitness Goals Striving to achieve your fitness goals can be a frustrating and emotional process. We make up excuses on why we can’t get over the hurdle to achieve our fitness goals. Some of us lack motivation; others lack accountability. Maybe you can’t afford a gym membership […]

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