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How to Do a Turkish Get-Up

How to Do a Turkish Get-Up The Turkish Get-Up is an exercise that dates back to ancient wrestlers in what is now Turkey to prepare themselves for competitions. This is a great ancient exercise with present day benefits. The Turkish Get-Up is a total body exercise that increases strength, stability, mobility, balance and coordination. It […]

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Which is Better, Back Squat or Front Squat?

Which is Better, Back Squat or Front Squat?   Why Squatting is Important The squat is a vital, natural, and functional component of your being. In the bottom position, the squat is nature’s intended sitting posture. Only in the industrialized world do we find the need for chairs, couches, benches, and stools. This comes at a […]

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Enhance Your Mobility With This 5 Minute Routine

Mobility Series Flexibility Flexibility is the absolute range of motion in a joint or system of joints, and the length of muscle that crosses the joint involved. It directly correlates with range of motion and mobility.  Range of motion is the distance and direction the joint can move, while mobility is the ability to move […]

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Advance Your Core Training with The Sling System

Advance Your Core Training with The Sling System The core is the foundation of your body. It links everything together and provides stability for athletic skills. So simply doing a few Sit-Ups or even Planks won’t cut it when developing an athletic core. The key is developing what is called the sling system. The sling is a […]

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15 Minute High Intensity Lunch Break Circuit

15 Minute High Intensity Lunch Break Circuit Do you ever feel overwhelmed with too much on your plate? Bombarded with day-to-day tasks at work and at home? We can never seem to fit in everything that needs to get done within 24 hours. For a lot of us, time is enemy number one of our fitness goals. […]

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How Gut Bacteria Effects Body Function and Performance

How Gut Bacteria Affects Body Function and Performance Gut health has gained traction in the health and fitness community as more people are aware of dysfunction in their gut health. Food sensitivity awareness has skyrocketed with over 15 million Americans dealing with food allergies. Your gut is the powerhouse of your immune system. It greatly affects […]

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5 Reasons Why People Struggle to Reach Their Fitness Goals

5 Reasons Why People Struggle to Reach Their Fitness Goals Striving to achieve your fitness goals can be a frustrating and emotional process. We make up excuses on why we can’t get over the hurdle to achieve our fitness goals. Some of us lack motivation; others lack accountability. Maybe you can’t afford a gym membership […]

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