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At N1 Motion, we recognize that in order to build a winning team, you need to develop and integrate the athleticism of all athletes. Team training is one way to ensure that all athletes are working together for the good of the team. Training may be conducted as an “extra” practice during the season, inviting an N1 Motion performance coach to join the team at a regularly scheduled practice, or through online training virtually.

Together, players can learn new strategies for making them faster and more explosive athletes. Whether it is a single session or repeated opportunities to have our performance coaches work alongside you, we are here to offer customized solutions to meet your team’s need and produce results.

We cater our programs to each team’s needs and what aspects of performance they are looking to enhance. Common programs are:

  • Speed Development
  • Change of Direction
  • Vertical Jump
  • Strength, Power, and Stability
  • Core Strength


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